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Hair Extensions at Escape Salon

Hair extensions can be used for women and men.  They allow blending with your own hair to give the appearance of natural, healthy-looking hair.  You can add volume and length for styling, highlights without chemicals, and partial additions to make thinning hair look more full.  Extensions are often used for special occasions, social events, and in theatrical settings.  We use Cinderella Hair Extensions, which do not damage your own hair when attached and removed.  They are created to prevents matting and tangling.

Best Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are common!  Hair extensions can last four to six months with proper maintenance.  At times your extensions can be re-applied.  Some extensions can be colored and permed.  You can use blow dryers, rollers, and curling irons with most extensions as long as you keep heat away from the bonding areas.  Cinderella Hair Extensions offer a variety application methods.  Some are "permanent" while others are faster and more temporary. We can help you pick the right one for you!

 People often use hair extensions for the following reasons

  • Achieve a unique special style without waiting for your hair to grow.
  • When hair is thin or doesn't have sufficient volume to achieve a style you want.
  • When your hair doesn't grow fast enough.
  • When you don't want to use chemicals to color on your own hair.

Options available with Cinderella Hair Extensions

Extensions by Cinderella Hair represents the most advanced hair extensions systems available today.  Only specially selected 100 percent human hair is utilized.  When applied by Cinderella Hair certified stylists at Escape Salon, the possibilities for creating exciting new hair styles are limitless.   There are three main options
  • I-HAIR
Applied without heat or chemicals Loop/Hook tool, this method will last 4-6 months with proper maintenance.
  • T-HAIR
This is the most popular method, using a fold over and low heat.
This is recommended for all hair types by using low levels of heat to soften and contour an organic bond around the hair shaft.
Stop by or call to ask one of our certified stylists about extensions!

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